Citrus from the Komati Fruit Group is exported to almost 50 countries including Canada, UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia, United Emirates, Iran, Dubai, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

The Komati Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd. owns effectively 75% shares and The Karino Farms (Pty) Ltd. owns 25% shares in Komati Fruit (Pty) Ltd, an export company specializing in marketing and the supply of logistical services exclusively for the group. Komati Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd. holds 30% shares in Zest Fruit Holdings (Pty) Ltd, another export company, specializing in the marketing of citrus and subtropical fruit (from the group and outside producers) to the Middle East, South East Asia (including China) and Russia.

Komati Fruit and Zest Fruit not only does all the marketing, but are also involved in the full value and cost chain with the result that cost on every small aspect is managed with full control of all sales and exchange rates being maintained. Take a further look at what Zest Fruit offers on their website: www.zestfruit.co.za

We develop local in the African Market with citrus, mangos, litchis, blueberries, bananas, macadamias, avocados and sugarcane.

Komati Fruit’s worldwide
citrus exports

The company packs and exports more than 5.5 million cartons of citrus annually to more than 30 countries worldwide.

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