The Komati Fruit Group is unwavering in its commitment to consistently deliver top-quality fruit. Our citrus products are being exported to numerous destinations across the globe, including Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and several supermarkets in the UK and EU.

Within our export activities, the Komati Fruit Group holds interests in two distinct companies: Komati Fruit and Zest Fruit. Komati Fruit Group is the sole shareholder of Komati Fruit, situated in Malelane, which functions as our exclusive export company responsible for marketing products within our Group.

The Komati Fruit Group owns a 30% shareholding in Zest Fruit, situated in Stellenbosch. Zest Fruit specialises in marketing a wide range of fruits, including citrus, grapes, deciduous, and subtropical varieties. It also plays a vital role in managing export logistics and road transportation through its affiliate, Orbit Integal. Both Komati Fruit and Zest Fruit manage the entire value chain and cost chain, ensuring transparency and providing a competitive advantage to the Komati Fruit Group.

Zest Fruit is involved in a wide spectrum of activities, which encompass the following key areas: They manage export logistics, supervise the export of fruits grown on BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) farms through its subsidiary, GrowSA, effectively coordinates road transportation logistics via its affiliated company, Orbit Integral, oversees international shipping operations, and conducts retail operations in several countries, including China, France, Switzerland, and Holland, facilitated by its affiliated companies.

Komati Fruit Group use the services of Westfalia for the packing and export of our avocados, and Golden Macadamia for the export of our macadamias.

Komati Fruit Group’s worldwide
citrus exports

The company packs and exports approximately 6 million cartons of citrus annually to more than 30 countries worldwide.

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