We proudly comply with the following standards

Every farm within the Komati Fruit Group holds GLOBAL G.A.P. certification and all packhouses comply with HACCP principals. The Komati Fruit Group is also committed to other retail Food Safety standards which include, amongst others, Tesco Nurture and Albert Heijn Grow. The Group strives to adhere to international sustainability requirements which focus on social (ethical) and environmental compliance. All farms have had third party audits for SIZA Social and Environmental and are committed to continuous improvement in these areas.


The SIZA program was established as a pro-active response by the South African fruit industry to promote sound and on-going improvement of ethical labour practices on South African fruit farms and packhouses.


Sedex is a membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Sedex provides a platform to share ethical information with multiple customers and identify problems that may exist by way of self-assessments and third-party ethical audits based on the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code.


The Albert Heijn protocol lays down the contracting requirements to guarantee full application of the legislation in UE-MRL and ARFD-NL for fresh produce. Since fresh produce comes from production zones anywhere in the world, Albert Heijn has established a protocol, apart from GLOBAL G.A.P, to monitor the levels of residues at source: the producers and packaging stations of suppliers.


Nurture is a quality standard exclusive to Tesco that is implemented by farms and packhouses and independently audited to ensure the supply of a world class product that is grown in an environmentally friendly and responsible way, focusing on quality, food safety and production.


GlobalG.A.P. is the world’s leading farm assurance program. The GlobalG.A.P. Standard incorporates quality, food safety, production, employee welfare and sustainability standards for the certification of agricultural products. It is a global organisation with a crucial objective of ensuring safe and sustainable agriculture worldwide. They lay the foundation for the protection of scarce resources by the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices with a promise for a sustainable future.


The Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Initiative is a carbon footprint project, developed to support the South African fruit and wine sectors through identifying and responding to the risks and opportunities associated with carbon emissions.

We are proud to state that Komati Fruit Group is recognised by CCC as a carbon hero. The platform provides recognition to all organizations that have calculated their carbon footprint and had the dataset sense checked against industry norms and graded by the CCC team for either one year or three years.

Siza Environmental

The SIZA Environmental Assurance model has been designed to assist growers in evaluating their current compliance and environmental risks, both at a farm and regional/catchment level while prioritising water, soil, energy, materials & waste and farm ecosystems & biodiversity.

Farming for the Future

Riverside and Hectorspruit
“It was adopted as a holistic and scientific farming approach to produce quality food, improve soil quality, save water and reduce dependence on synthetic fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides, whilst protecting natural resources and encouraging biodiversity to flourish, all without adding cost to the end product” – IFAMA

The following standards will soon join the family

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