Training and Skills Development

The Komati Fruit Group proactively engages in the development and empowering of young individuals. These community-focused initiatives and services receive funding from the Albert Heijn and Waitrose Foundation. The primary goals are to provide training, enhance self-esteem, and help young individuals rediscover their capabilities and intrinsic value.

This comprehensive training program includes diverse components such as adult basic education, operating a small nursery for plant cultivation and sales, specialised farm training, woodworking, and various other skill development opportunities. The range of sports and recreational activities offered is wide-ranging, incorporating music classes, karate, soccer, netball, and cricket, further enriching the array of opportunities available to the youth.

Empowerment and Land Reform

The Komati Fruit Group is actively engaged in community transformation and consistently works towards achieving Black Economic Empowerment objectives. This commitment is demonstrated through activities such as leasing restituted land, overseeing fruit production and marketing, and implementing employee training programs. Within the Komati Fruit Group several empowered companies, including Mabete Sitrus, Richmond Kopano Farming, Champagne Citrus, Moletele Limes, and Majeje Sitrus, have emerged.

The Group has played a vital role in supporting black graduates from certain Colleges and Universities to successfully complete their practical training year. Many of these individuals were subsequently offered permanent positions within the Group. Across various departments within the organisation, such as production, packhouses, finances, and human resources, numerous formerly disadvantaged employees now occupy management roles. Additionally, the Komati Fruit Group takes pride in its role as a founding member of the Agricultural Development Agency (AGDA).

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