The Jackson Low Seeded (LS) grapefruit was discovered by Mr Ferdi Esselen on a farm in the Karino area near Nelspruit in the Mpumalanga Province in South Africa.

The Jackson LS is protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights as per the Plant Breeder’s Right Act No 15 of 1976 (as amended), which prohibits illegal propagation (PBR No PT 3736).

Jackson LS will be planted and marketed within the Premium Grapefruit Cooperative within limited hectarage. Processed product will be marketed as a segmented product under the Sweet Sunrise™ name only.

The origin of the cultivar is a branch mutation on a Jackson Grapefruit tree in the Karino area near Nelspruit.

The Jackson LS has been chosen exclusively for its very high internal quality, unique taste, low naringine levels and excellent external colour.

Komati Group is fortunate to have the sole right to the marketing and production of this Sweet Sunrise grapefruit.

Fruit Characteristics

  • The fruit size is mainly medium to small but tends to produce larger fruit if thinning actions are applied
  • The ripening time is approximately two to three weeks later than Marsh Grapefruit
  • Fruit shape is mostly round with a small shoulder at the calyx end, fruit have low seed content
  • Skin is smooth with a white to light brown internal colour
  • Fruit is juicy with a soft vesicle and good internal fruit quality
  • Fruit can be peeled like a navel and eaten without any naringin taste
  • The fruit has an unusual and refreshing fruit punch like flavour

Tree characteristics

  • Tree characteristics are unique with a more compact tree than Star Ruby and with smaller leaves
  • Production is excellent with fruit characteristically hanging in a cluster
  • Jackson LS is compatible with various trifoliate rootstocks like Troyer and Carrizo citrange and Swingle citrumelo

Climate requirements

  • The Jackson LS is suitable for application in all of the grapefruit production areas in South Africa
  • It is highly adapted to the warmest parts where yield could be a problem on other grapefruit

Exclusively packed for Woolworths Food

We choose locally grown Sweet Sunrise Grapefruit for maximum flavour.

We simply squeeze the fruit at the height of season and capture its delicious juice in a bottle, nothing else.
There are no added preservatives and it is very high in vitamin C.

By Elly Mokoena

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