Komati Group is very proud to announce the addition of one of the oldest and best-known citrus farms to our family. After lengthy negotiations and a long wait for approval, the farms of Crocodile Valley Citrus – now known as Crocodile River Estate – were transferred to Golden Frontiers Citrus on 13 June 2018.

Crocodile River Estate is an excellent addition to the Group due to its location in a climatic region which differs considerably with that of the Onderberg and any other production region where the Group is involved.

This location will allow the Group to further diversify our product range and timing of production. Although the farm is not in the prime status which gave it international recognition, we see a lot of potential and believe that we can return the farm to its former glory by returning to the basics and working smarter.

The farm currently produces citrus, macadamias and avocados. We believe that we can build on the current product base but also expand by planting more avocado and macadamia trees and adding soft citrus to the food basket. We are proud and happy to welcome all the employees from Croc to the family and hope that they will enjoy their journey with the Group in the effort to remain the most effective and sustainable citrus producer in South Africa.

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